Puppy Litter Selection

We are always asked how we select a puppy litter and how we know it is safe to work with the owners, please see the below:

Before puppies attend our events we check many things with the puppies owners. We check that the puppies are living in a cared for environment, we check that the puppies mum is still present, we check the amount of litters the puppies mum has had to ensure we are not encouraging repetitive breeding for events, we check the papers for the puppies and the mum, we check that the puppies are healthy by requesting any evidence from the puppy owner which can include a vet check or their puppy vax cards. By doing this, it helps us to understand who we are working with and ensure the puppies safety.

To clarify, the puppies are bought to events by their owner and taken back home afterwards. The puppies that attend our events typically already have their new forever homes assigned, we try to keep in touch with the new owners to follow up on their progress.