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Private Wellness Event Booking Information

If you are ready to book and pay for your event, please provide the relevant details below and email to :

Event type:  e.g. Wind down Yoga or Wind up Dance followed by puppy cuddles, puppy cuddles on it’s own, puppy cuddles and Prosecco or smoothies, puppy cuddles and refreshments etc
Occasion: e.g. Corporate + Workspace/ School + University/ PR + Social Media Bridal Showers + Birthday Leaving Dos

(if you are booking a Hen Do/Leaving Do or Birthday party, please provide the celebratory guests name e.g. the bride to be is called Lisa)
Guest amount: e.g. 10-15, 20-30, 40+ guests.
Preferred date/s + time slot/s: e.g. 10:30am-11:30am, 5:00pm-6:00pm, full day large event.
Your location or our studio? e.g. your preferred space or one of our studios located in London, Birmingham or Oxford.

If your location, please advise of the exact location and address and if at ours please specify preferred areas for you and your guests travel. Please note areas outside of London incur an additional fee for the teams travel via car or train etc. 
Do you require our yoga mats or do you have your own? e.g. if you require our yoga mats there may be an additional fee if this is for an event outside of London for travel purposes.

Please email your event booking information to, you will receive a response from the bookings team shortly after. 

Booking information for all booking occasions:

To avoid multiple emails back and fourth please provide all of the relevant details above for us to create your booking and tailor your event.

Every event total cost can differ and is priced accordingly based on guest amount, the duration we are required for, the event area/location, if we are to travel to you or you’re coming to us and additional information given. Prices are subject to change in 2024.

You are more than welcome to share your budget and we can let you know what we can provide with your budget.

Due to the organisation of the events on our side, the event full balance is payable immediately on confirmation of the booking, being that we have the date/s available.

Your event is payable by three payment options: BACS transfer to our Business bank account, SumUp secured payment link for credit or debit cards (which incurs a transaction processing fee depending on the amount) or as a check out purchase via our storefront which would be created specifically for your booking.

There is a possibility on accepting a 70% deposit to secure your date with the remaining balance due a week from the deposit date depending on the desired date for your event. This is as standard and mandatory for all booking occasions.

All bookings must be paid for in full on agreement of the event date to avoid and eliminate following up for the payment.

Once your date has been confirmed and your deposit at minimum is received, this will be allocated to the appropriate parties (ie yoga teacher, puppy owner, team members) and secures your event date.

Any company invoices that are not paid on time will incur a daily fee of £30. Enquiries are only open for 3 days before we release the date/s you have requested.

We are still taking on booking enquiries for the remaining part of this year and 2024. We will open our 2025 diary in January 2024.

If you have a booking enquiry question please click here for all potential answers.

We look forward to welcoming you and delivering a truly pawsome event for you and your VIP guests!

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