🐾Three Yoga Poses You Can Do Everyday🐾

🐾Three Yoga Poses You Can Do Everyday🐾

Busting to keep your fitness up at home?

Try our most recommended yoga stretches.

1. Pelvic Tilts - Subtle but effective.

Pelvic Tilts are a super simple and easy Yoga exercise that helps strengthen your lower back. Doing Pelvic Tilts will tell you straight away if your mattress is too lumpy.

Simply lie on the floor in Semi-supine and rock your hips towards your face whilst keeping your bum on the floor. The arch in you back should feel as if it's pressing into the floor. Don’t worry, if you feel some stiffness in your lower back just keep a slow and steady pace. It’s a very subtle movement that might not look like you are doing much but you are sure to feel that relief.

20-30 slow reps of this will take you less than 3 minutes so it’s perfect for the morning or in the evening right before you get in to bed to watch Netflix.

2. Cat and Cow Stretches - Keep on mooooving.

Yogis know that there is nothing better for your back than Cat and Cow Stretches. Up on your hands and knees, go from arched back and ripple along your tail bone up your spine to an extended back.

After, repeat the exercise slowly 8-10 times. If you are feeling confident in this, try making circular motions rotating your spine as you go into the arched back and extend.

3. Downward-facing Dog - Feel like a Pup getting up in the morning.

This is simple but it is definitely one of my favourite stretches. To start place yourself on your hands and knees. Make sure your knees are directly below your hips and your hands are just slightly in-front of your shoulders. Then push your legs up lifting your knees away from the floor.

At first your knees should be slightly bent and your heels should not be touching the floor. Finally stretch your heels and the floor and lift your tailbone and you should feel the stretch. I recommend playing with this stretch, just feel where you need to stretch. Perhaps pretend you are a Pup getting up for its morning walk
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